Acai juice, the healthiest way to start your day?

Where to Buy Acai Berry Products: Best Acai Supplements Resources

Acai berries is a rare fruit which is found in the Amazon forests in Central and South America. The berry is a reddish-purple fruit that is about an inch long and it has been called the healthiest berry ever found because of it’s incredible ingredients compound of vitamins, minerals, weight loss assistance and anti-aging properties.

Another great health reason to take berry Acai is its ability to assist in cancer fighting. Since the berry is high in vitamin C as well as having ellagic acid in it, it can offer a boost to help suppress the growth of cancer. It is not the miracle cure; however, it can help reduce the proliferation of the cells, especially if it’s pure Acai juice.

As we previously learned, Asai berry extract has been scientifically shown to have many health stimulating properties  and benefits and this can cause some people to wonder where to buy Acai berry product in good quality on reliable shop.

The answer is that this berry products can be found almost everywhere- many of your common health stores carry the pure Acai in different forms, pharmaceutical and even ordinary super-markets. However, there are some places online that have Acai diet fruits, detox, juice, pills and other Acai cleanse products available in a great quality and are totally reliable.

Acai juice, the healthiest way to start your day?
Acai juice, the healthiest way to start your day?

Where can I buy Acai product? offers many of the pure Acai fruit products. Some of the berry products advertise that the berries are handpicked. Most of the Acai juices are also organic which offers even more health boosts, they offer the berries in a puree. You can purchase it unsweetened or mixed with Guarana or as Acai tea set. These packages are in frozen packs that you can just thaw and drink.

Anti-aging is another health benefit that come from the use of Acai based products. Since Asai fruits has very high forms of antioxidants it can help to slow down or even reverse the ageing process. It is said that an Acai fruits has ten times the antioxidants of a grape. When looking into where to buy Acai berry, let’s talk again about Amazon. This site offers an Acai anti-aging eye cream that is made with organic Acai berries. The cream is said to be 100% pure Acai, however you will receive some herbs that can help to nourish and moisturize the eye area. It is important to note that there are no artificial fragrances, colors, preservatives, or chemical in this Acai cream.

Acai berries cleanse products  have some other wonderful health benefits that are not reasons specific. They offers benefits like energy boost, increasing blood circulation, and the reduction of digestive problems. Taking the berry of Acai can help a person increase the level of energy and stamina you have. Also, by increasing blood circulation that cause by Acai nutrition, you can increase a person’s sexual drive as well as the anti-aging process. Berries of Acai has the ability to offer detoxification abilities. It also is a great source of fiber to help improve the digestive system.

Acai berries harvested in the rain forests
Acai berries harvested in the rain forests

This amazing fruit could, and should, be taken by anyone. Acai consumption can be done in different ways – first of all, it better to eat Acai as a puree or a dried berry. Some people would prefer the ease of pouring Acai berry juice to a glass on the way they drive to work. Others might prefer to ingest Asai berry in pill form or as Acai berry powder or even as Acai tea.

All of these can be found through or through your local area pharmacies and health stores. Learning how you wish to use the acai berry, can help to know what and where to buy Acai berry products that suits your specific needs.

Berries of Acai juice

Acai Berries Fruit as a Unique Source of Health

What name wasn’t given to the small purple berry recently discovered by European followers as a method for healthy lifestyle? “The pearl of the Amazon”, “Brazilian Viagra”, “fountain of youth”, “royal super- berry” and so on. And all of that is pretty true.

Worlds “boom health” has provoked the appearance of this miracle of nature after the publication of the results of studies of the properties of acai in 2004. To date, this berry has firmly taken the first place in the content of antioxidants of all natural products existing.
Let’s learn more about its origins and the unique properties of the acai fruits.

First, let’s say the name of the berries as it should be, emphasizing the last syllable – acai. Sometimes, the name is spelled as aKai but that’s not the right spelling.

Berries of Acai juice
Berries of Acai juice

Acai berry origin and taste

This wonderful purple berry grows in the South American palm called Euterpe Oleracea, grows up to 30 m. This type of palm trees exist in tropical forests of the Amazonas along riverbeds, closer to the river delta. It’s commercial growing region – Brazil, where the berries are called “Brazilian milk”.

Asai fruits formed in large clusters, remotely resembling grapes. Berries harvest from one palm is from 4 to 7 kg and the locals gather them manually as berry too gentle. This dark, purple and round fruit is somewhat reminiscent of small grapes or the ordinary blueberries. A small amount of the fruits pulp is formed around pretty large pit. If we talk about the taste of acai, a description of it somewhat difficult. Some note the similarity with raspberries or blackberries, others feel bitter notes of hazelnut and chocolate, and some emphasize the slightly salty aftertaste.

At home, Assai is eaten fresh, used in juices and energy drinks, added to ice cream, desserts, sauces and pies. Aborigines call the Acai palm as “tree of life” and it is really like that. So, what is useful in the “pearl of the Amazon”?

Acai berries useful properties and benefits

Assai sometimes called as “Vitamin pills”. You just think about the number – 3000 (!) components contained in this little fruit. Acai berries have an enviable amount of antioxidants and amino acids, essential fatty acids and proteins, steroids and vegetable fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Acai berries cardiovascular system contribution

Due to the high content of plant steroids and omega -3 / omega -6 (about 50 % by volume), acai berry significantly lowers cholesterol levels, protecting against coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis, arrhythmias and high blood pressure.

Acai berry cleansing and slimming effects

The Assai berry Improves digestion, removes harmful toxins, burn calories, there is a noticeable weight loss. With regular use of acai the food absorbed better and the acceleration of metabolism will make you forget the concept of “overweight”. Hair, nails and skin start to look perfect, thanks to a large number of minerals and vitamins in the berry.

Acai berries providing energy

Asai – colossal energy source for the human body. Regular consumption of the miracle berry will allow you to literally “fly” from morning until late evening. You forget what a sleepy mood is in the morning and sudden bouts of fatigue in the middle of the day. Thanks to this property, acai berries taken by many athletes Brazil.

Also, Acai stimulates mental activity. During serious intellectual loads they can replace the traditional coffee and chocolates but duo to its 100% natural origin, it’s much more healthy and recommended.

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Fruit of Acai Market

Acai Berry Benefits Summary | Why Acai Fruit Recommended For Everyone

Acai berries are one of the most healthy and nutritious natural foods in the world. The composition of the fruit includes a large number of useful substances. Thus, it able to benefit to a huge number of people, regardless of a person’s age and its location. Eventually the Acai cleanse diet is one of the most recommended in the world.

In 2004, it was found that Acai fruits occupy the first place in the content of antioxidants of all vegetation in the world.

Lets learn more about the Acai fruit Ingredients

The berry fruit contains vitamins A, B1 , B2 , B3, C, E , D, complex carbohydrates, amino acids, minerals, trace minerals, Phytonutrients, fiber, fatty acids, Omega 3, 6 , 9, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, Asai contains all known vitamins and minerals.

No other natural product in the world got such nutrition values. By the number of antioxidants, fruit Acai compared to red wine, exceeds the last in 30 times, and by the content of Anthocyanin at 10-20 times.

Acai Fruits
Acai Fruits

Acai berry fruit contains as much protein as cow milk. 100g contains of Acai fruits contain 182kkal. Asai berry contains plant sterols, which are 78% – beta-sitosterin that assist lowering blood cholesterol.

To summarize the Acai fruit impact on the human body

• Acai berry Restores and strengthens the immune system of the body.

• Positive effect on muscle regeneration and stamina, berry of Acai helps build muscle mass

• Improves the circulatory and cardiovascular systems, those berries assist to eliminate anemia.

• Berries of Acai prevents and eliminates joint pain.

Fruit of Acai Market
Fruit of Acai Market

• Acai fatty acids help reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood.

• The berries recommended to use at reduced hemoglobin. They have a tonic effect on the body. Also, they normalizes blood pressure.

• Cyanide prevents obesity and prevents the development of diabetes.

• In Oncology, found that Acai juice prevents the development of cancer cells.

• Improves overall condition of the hair and nails. Prevents premature aging of the skin and body .

• Stimulates the natural cleansing of the body, Acai berry cleanse the body of toxins. Promote digestive system.

• Provides the body with vital energy and gives strength, especially during Acai berry cleanse diet.

• Improves eyesight.

• Acai juice Improves sexual and urinary function.

• Promotes the development of memory, the total concentration. Suspends the development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

• Normalizes sleep and increases efficiency in the workday.

To learn more about the Acai berry detox methods, click here.

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Berries of Acai

Pros And Cons Of Acai Berries Diet

What is the Acai and how it tastes? the taste of it resembles chocolate and red wine. This berry – is a superfood that will help you stay energetic and vigorous for long periods of the day and much more.

Let’s found out why and what are the actual benefits.

You can use the Acai berry as a supplement to your main diet- consuming Acai in the morning will help you wake up faster and speed up your metabolism.

The amount of vitamins contained in these berries will also assist you to reduce weight, increasing of muscle mass and significantly increase energy and the overall stamina levels.

Also, the berry of Acai contains the highest amount of antioxidants than any other food. They are rich in fiber, proteins, amino acids and vitamins. Research conducted at the University of Florida have shown that powerful antioxidants contained in Acai berries contribute to the destruction of cancer cells.

As mentioned previously, berries of Acai boost energy and stamina, and have anti-inflammatory effect. They contain polyunsaturated acids of Omega 3, which is responsible for the acceleration of metabolism. Because Acai rich in fibers, they help fight appetite and with the Increasing energy levels, you’ll be more effective at the same time lose weight.

Acai Diet Basics

Acai berries spoils very quickly, so they are available as frozen packs, dried packs, capsules and most often as a juice .

Simply add Acai to your diet in any form available to you. Frozen or dried berries can enhance morning porridge or yogurt. Juice with Acai berries can be mixed with any other fruit juice.

Berries of Acai
Berries of Acai

Acai Berry: Pros

  1. Acai berries do not just help to lose weight, they improve digestion, blood circulation and cleanse the body of toxins.
  2. The assortment of rich free radicals in Acai, will help you prevent early wrinkles.
  3. They have no known side effects (just as ordinary fruit), Acai fruit cleanse diet is risk free.
  4. Acai berry detox is a well known method to clean your body out of the bad stuff.

Acai Berries: Cons

  1. Products containing Acai berry can be bit expensive, but they are worth it if you think you can enjoy their benefits.
  2. There is a possibility to by fake, which contains only a small amount of berries. Because of this its important to buy for trustful and reliable source (such as iHerb or Amazon).

You can try this amazing superfood yourself – order today from the world most reliable shop – Amazon, in form of Acai juice powder, dried berries or dried juice in capsules 


9 Acai Benefits For Your Health

1. Acai fruit Anti-age effect

Army of antioxidants that contained in Acai berry, neutralizes free radicals and thus prevents premature aging of the body.

2. Detox cleanse and strengthening the immune system

Acai berries helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood (with regular use up to 15%), cleanses the body out of toxins, strengthens the immune system, has a preventive effect against infectious diseases, especially in the period of mass viral epidemics. The Acai detox is a proven method.

3. Fruit of Acai assist to normalization of vital processes

In the berry Acai, there is a large amounts of antioxidants, fiber, enzymes and essential fat acids (which make up 30 to 50% pulp berries) that controls the level of blood pressure, normalizes heart and blood vessels and provides efficient digestive system (reduces gastric acidity).

4. Improving metabolism with Acai juice

Due to berries of Acai low glycemic index, it affects blood sugar levels, normalizes metabolism in the body and as a supplement to the daily diet helps lose weight. Eventually, the Acai berry cleanse is an amazing method to improve your metabolism.

Acai Berry Fruit
Acai Berry Fruit

5. Fitness effect

Acai helps to regenerate muscles after a workout . When used before workouts it increases stamina and has a general positive tonic effect.
Large cup of Acai juice before important competitions included in obligatory diet for Brazilian players and Jiu Jitsu fighters.

6. Acai and healthy skin

Anthocyanins (plant pigments) reduce the destruction of skin cells counteract their aging process. Fat acids nourish and revitalizes the skin. Phytosterols regulate lipid activity of the upper layers of the skin and stimulate the regeneration of skin cells.

7. Acai effect on vision

Anthocyanins strengthen sight and struggling with eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. Blueberry Acai jam, a rich in anthocyanins, is a mandatory for diet for many professional workers around the globe.
In Japan, anthocyanins are shown to everyone who works with computers for a long time.

8. Sexual health

Following the inhabitants of the Amazon Acai called “Amazon Viagra”, it’s unique and balanced composition of reach in nutrients berries that increasing energy and stamina, also increases the sexual function.

9. Healthy sleep and relaxation

One Acai cocktail serving before bedtime, due to high content of serotonin and dopamine, provides a healthy, peaceful and deep sleep.

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What Is An Acai Berry Detox Method?

One of the first things that a person looks into when they want to be healthier or lose weight is cleaning out the bad stuff from the body.

We look in our cupboards and clean out bad foods, as well as many people look inside their bodies and want to cleanse, or detox, them.  You should know, there are many products on the market that claim to help by cleansing your body of bad toxins.

One of these products comes from in the Acai berry detox form.  You probably heard that the Acai berries are labeled a super fruit with many health benefiting properties all over the world,
Lets discover why this berry praised so much everywhere.

Full bucket of fresh Acai berries
Full bucket of fresh Acai berries

What Is The Acai Berry?

This is a fruit that grows on palm trees in South America. This fruit is large and has very little pulp, it’s known as a super fruit because of its extremely high content of antioxidants. The benefits of the Acai berry fruit are similar to other dark fruits like blackberries and blueberries.

What Can An Acai Cleanse Do?

An Acai berry cleanse has the ability to help a person to lose weight more quickly and naturally. The Acai berries also know to help burn up fat, flush out toxins and waste in our system, as well as reduce bloating, gas and constipation. This berry has also been said to help increase a person’s activity level, reduce tiredness, and increase metabolism in order to continue to lose weight.

What To Do Before I Start An Acai Berries Cleanse Progarm?

Starting an Acai detox is a simple process. Before beginning the Acai fruit cleanse system a person may want to reduce the high-fat, high-sugar foods. A person would need to cut out the junk foods, deserts, and fast foods from their diet. This is a step that needs to be completed before beginning to do an Acai berries detux.  Another thing that an individual should do before beginning an Acai cleanse and diet program is to ensure that you are drinking plenty of water. It is encouraged that you drink at least 64 ounces of water per day.

How The Cleanse And Detox Process Works?

When you decide to complete an acai fruits cleanse you will need to decide on the way in which you will ingest the acai berry. There are many substitutes on the market in the pill and powder form that do not contain any acai berry in them at all. Be sure to know what you are ingesting.  A juice supplement is the most effective way for an individual to ingest the acai cleanse. The cleanse is designed to remove toxins in your large intestines and colon. An acai berry detox is set up to help your body flush out waste as it also promotes the evacuation of undesired toxins and waste.

What Happen After The Acai Program?

The acai berry fruit is a health addition to any meal plan. However it is important to increase your exercise in order to continue to see weight loss benefits. Acai berry cleanse is meant as a detox not a weight loss plan so you will need to continue to drink appropriate amounts of water, eat nutritious foods in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle afterwards.

There are many wonderful benefits to the acai berry super fruit, however when you use the acai berries cleanse you are giving your body a head start at a cleaner and healthier outlook.  There are many benefits to performing the Acai fruit diet on a regular basis. This can help it increase a person’s energy, benefit your digestive system, as well as helping a person remove undigested foods from their system. Acai berries are rich in fiber, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.  Give an acai berry cleanse a test you might decide that you love the way it made you feel and it will become part of your routine. As always be safe with the items you are taking and talk to your doctor before taking any new supplements or beginning a diet.

Where Can I Purchase The Detox Compound?

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Acai Berry Diet Top Health Benefits

Western people have discovered the Acai, the classic Amazonian food recently, but it has been in the south America culture and all the area for centuries.

The ancient practice was to collect the berries straight from their source in the rain forest of the Amazon river. While still fresh, it was prepared into a dark brown, almost purple colored thick pulp with a creamy texture. The result of the process is a drink made in form of a porridge, which is nutty in flavor and got a great taste.

In the recent past, the health sector has saw a sharp increase in the number of fat reduction pills being produced. Each of these pills promises people struggling with fat related problems like obese with unique solutions and ability to handle their problems. The truth of the matter is that majority of these pills are ineffective and may turn out being a threat to your health. Quite a number are average and a few of them like Acai berry cleanse are really worth. This article highlights the health benefits of acacia berry cleanse you might not be aware of.

Acai Berries Fruits
Acai Berries Fruits

Advantages in using Acai berries products?

Acai berry cleanse is designed to clean the digestive system by opening it up thus allowing toxins to be eliminated from the body. When swallowed, they go to the walls of the small and large intestines as well as the colon. There, they help to remove any matter that might have built up. One must swallow these pills regularly and as per the physician instruction for such benefits to be realized.

Besides cleaning of the digestive system, Acai berry help in cell renewing both from the inside and on the surface of the cell. This has effects of body lubrication which leads to a situation where aging signs on the body skin are reduced. Additionally, renewal of cells helps the body to generate enough energy that sustains the functions of the body.

Colon detoxification is another benefit of Acai berry cleanse diets method. Here, this product removes waste products and other materials blocking the intestinal tracks. In this way, they eliminate all body symptoms caused by poisonous waste residing in the body for a long time. Such symptoms include tiredness, lack of energy or sleep among others.

Acai berry cleanse can also be used for weight loss. Here, amino acids are used. These acids help increase the metabolism rate of an individual thus burning extra fats in an efficient way. Acai berry helps people to lose good amounts of weight quicker with little exercising of the body and strict diet. The amino acids further help the body to do proper digestion on the foodstuffs consumed and also help muscles to grow.

Acai - Healty Living
Acai – Healty Living

Another significant point to note is that Acai berry cleanse product is 100% natural. This means that the product does not contain side effects. It is however not a miracle as manufactures warn. Like other worthy fat reduction pills, it does not deliver results within a fortnight but does so after a few days. For this product to work, an individual has to supplement it with a proper (healthy) diet that has little or no carbohydrates, sugar, fats or foods with similar toxins.

Disadvantages in using Acai berry products?

There aren’t any disadvantages in having this sort of fruit such as pure Acai berry. It has in excess of 20 diverse amino acids which can be fundamental to day-to-day increase; along with vital nutritional supplements. If one is hesitant and looking for a bad cause, it can be genuinely difficult to get. People who have sensitive plant pollen allergy symptoms must take careful attention when having these. They may be most likely safe and sound around small amounts, nevertheless the pure Acai berry is usually yummy and hard to face up to. Keep learning about the Acai berry diet, you will only benefit from it.

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Acai Berries

How Acai Berries Cleanse Diet Works

Acai berry cleanse products are natural antioxidant products whose origin can be traced to South America.  They are popularly known for cleansing the digestive system and getting rid of any product blocking or jamming that system.  By doing so , Acai berry helps one to reduce bloating or bulging, flatten the abdomen part of a person body thus helping him/her realize increased regularity.

Is worth to mention, that many people including celebrities use this product for losing body weight and as an anti-aging formula. And it worked great for them. In the next article we will discuss those effects.

What happens when you consume Acai fruit?

Once acai berry cleanse is taken in, it goes to work immediately. No wonder scientific researchers say that results are realized after a few days and they approximate this to be two weeks.  One need to take it at least three times a day after meals for two days. When taking it, a person is required to avoid a diet rich in carbohydrates, sugar and fats. Instead, healthy foods like green vegetables, nuts and lots of water should be consumed during such times. You can take your preferred foods i.e. processed foods during this period but you need to do so carefully.

Acai healty living
Acai healty living

In the body system, Acai berry goes to the colon and the intestines both the small and large intestines. In the intestines, it helps to open them up thus allowing waste products from the digestion process to be exited easily and regularly. On the colon, Acai berry cleanse cleans all the matter that might have congested or built up there.

Once cleansing of the coronary and intestines is achieved, Acai products move to the rest of the body where they help to supply new energy to the cells by renewing them. The renewal of cells has positive impacts. One of this is that it makes the body to look young thus reducing aging signs. You may wonder how this is achieved but it is a simple process.

The amazing south American berry
The amazing south American berry

Acai cleanse benefits and advantages

We said acai berry diets act as an antioxidant. When taken in its main aim is to curb oxidation and other agents responsible for tissue and cell damage. You realize that if a cell is damaged aging signs on the surface of the skin are likely. Acai products avoid this likelihood by neutralizing and eventually eliminating oxidation agents that target healthy cells. As an antioxidant, it does the opposite of what an oxidation agent does. This occurs during the cleansing process where harmful products are evicted as well.

Scientists have carried out experiments on Acai berries cleanse and have established that it surely helps to clean the body. However, the product will not perform its duties as expected if we do not give it a good environment to work. We need to play our part and in situations where we are unsure of our next actions; it is advisable to seek medical advice.

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Acai Berry Cleanse Diet Top Benefits

If all your attempts to loose weight has been in vain, then it is time to give acai berry cleanse a trial. Not only does these grapes provide you with good diet but also important for cleansing of your whole body system.  It is a pure grape like fruit, having a purple colour and usually found on the Amazon forests.

Acaiberry when taken into the body helps in weight loss and increases the body energy and and the stamina parameter. Due to its antioxidants nature, it performs thorough cleansing of the bowels, eliminating any form of toxins from the body therefore detox and cleanse the body.

Acai Berry Cleanse

Why should i consider Acai cleanse berry diet?

Of all the health products that are currently in the market, and are used in loss weight, none comes second after the acai berry cleanse diet. With its natural weight loss effect, it comes with no side effects hence making it one of the safest items to use in the market today. For years its diet has been known to produce the best results and apart from just cleansing the system, it also comes with medicinal effect of healing and replenishing the body cells.

Its basic aim is cleansing of the digestive system; and it greatly focuses on the colon cleanse. Since the colon is used to store foods prior to elimination from the body, this substance acts on these food materials eliminating any harmful substance from them. The toxic wastes that may affect the body with infections are quickly eliminated making the food substances safe in the system.

The fibre content in acaiberry and its chemical components enables it to burn down fats fast and perform faster digestion of food. In the process, weight loss is fast and one acquires a good and desirable body structure. This product also ensures the creation of your body cells hence keeping you healthy and strong.

Another great benefits of the acaiberry cleanse is its ability to act as anti ageing substance. It does this by reducing the amount of free radicals that induces growth in the body. In the process, the body cells remain young and always keep replenishing. This is beneficial to the elderly who do not wish to leave their youthful age soon.

Further research has shown that the use of acai berries cleanse lowers the chances of getting heart related diseases. Such diseases include diabetes, heart attack, and high blood pressure among others. It does this by burning fat layers around the heart and on the arteries, making blood circulation smooth and stable. It also boosts the body immune system making it capable of preventing various disease attacks.

Acai berry diet juice
Acai berry diet juice

Men who are affected by under performance in bed can also sigh in relief as this product helps in proper blood flow to every part of the body hence can cause them to last longer in bed. Impotence is a very common phenomenon in most families and using acai berry cleanse will bring you great results when it comes to relationship matters.

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